Work With Me And Get Live Feedback On Your Editing Questions

The response to my recently published Editing Masterclass has been amazing and it's so great to hear 

how much it has helped people thus far. 

But when it comes to learning, there’s nothing quite like working together on a project

at the same time and having the ability to ask questions. Am I right? 

Working through a video course and following the instructions is great already,

but you still have specific questions here and there and wish you could quickly ask someone? 

I know exactly how you feel and let me tell you: Having a mentor give you feedback on your individual work and progress 

is the most valuable thing on your way to outstanding bird images. 

That’s why I am introducing my Live Masterclass 4-week Mentoring Course!

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How Does This Work?

We will meet every xxxxx at xxxx via Zoom and work through a specific editing problem together.

The first session will be on xxxxxx, the last one on xxxxxxxx. 

Starting with an easy file, so we can nail all the basics and the next few weeks we will gradually increase challenges the images present us, so you will be able to confidently handle any image afterwards.

Each session will be recorded and made available afterwards! 

You will also receive the psd file with all layers that I have edited and the RAW file we worked on. So it will be easy for you to follow all steps.

What Exactly Do You Get?

Week 1  LIVE session

  • Learn how to read and understand an image to see what needs to be edited and develop a strategy so you avoid over or under editing
  • Getting set up in Photoshop & Camera RAW
  • Using layers & masks
  • Basic workflow
  • Q&A

Week 3  LIVE session

  • Recap & Q&A of week 2 & review of homework
  • We will edit a very difficult image together using all the techniques we have learned
  • Homework

Week 2  LIVE session

  • Q&A & recap of week one
  • Advanced technique to fix feathers, colours, colour casts & more
  • Introduction & use of clone & Patch Tool
  • Homework

Week 4  LIVE session

  • We will look at a few different images, tackling specific & difficult problems.
  • Strategies to move forward and tackle your own editing
  • Review & Q&A

Please understand that there are only 10 spots available, so everyone will have enough time to ask their questions and we can work through the images step by step. 

My intention is to help each and every one of the participants to reach an extremely high level of editing skill over the course of the 4 weeks, that's why I need to keep the group that small