The Quest for Unique Bird Images

Perched – The Video Series

Join me for an exclusive look behind the scenes and find out how some of the best bird images are being created. Apply this knowledge to your own photography anywhere in the world.

Perched Episode 1 – Trailer


Pick up my secrets, apply them to your own photography and create stunning set ups yourself!


What makes a good perch and how do I get the birds to land on them? Let’s find out!


How do I create my signature look? Learn how to get nice and smooth backgrounds and what to do if the background isn’t ideal.

Equipment and Settings

See which gear and accessories I use and learn how to set up your camera and flash to get the most out of ever changing light situations and never miss “the shot”.

Ultimate Viewing Experience

5 Cameras will make you feel like you are right there with me capturing exciting images!

The video stays accessible indefinitely after purchase

…and Action

Watch the birds come in, use the perches and see the exact moment I take my images.


Join me in North-eastern Victoria, Australia where we spent 3 days on a beautiful private property, capturing over 15 different bird species and come across a few surprise visitors!

You will be learning about how to create stunning set ups, finding the best perches, fill flash photography, backgrounds and much more!

Be inspired and entertained while thinking about how to put your new knowledge into action! All techniques I use are applicable everywhere in the world.

Stream Now ! – 76 min

The video stays accessible indefinitely after purchase and can be accessed in the members area you will get access to.