What happens after I purchased the Video?

After the purchase, we will automatically create an account for you and e-mail you a confirmation and password. Follow the instructions and then you can find the video (and future videos) in your newly created account.

To log in and to find all your purchases, go to the menu and select “My Account” on the bottom left. Then go to “Video Series” and you will find the video there, ready to be watched. Enjoy!


And please leave a review after you watched it. I will post the best review on my Instagram Story and will give you a shutout if you leave your IG handle in the review.


Can I download the Video?

We decided it’s best to offer the video for streaming. That saves you space and allows you to watch the video wherever you want. It also allows you to watch it on mobile devices.

Can I watch the videos only once?

Of course not! The videos stay in your account and you can watch them as many times as you want.

Can I only buy the Prints in The Print Shop

I like to offer you my best work as limited editions, to make each piece unique. But if you fall in love with a different image on my page, write down the image number and send me an e-Mail and I can arrange a special, non limited edition print for you.

Are your images available for purchase in print media etc.

Absolutely. If you want to purchase one or more images, write down the image numbers and send me and e-mail with your details and the intended use and I will send you a quote. You can find the image number on the bottom left in the image viewer, that opens after you click on the gallery thumbnails.