The Art of Bird Photography

Jan Wegener

German born, now living in Melbourne, Australia, I have had a keen interest in birds from a young age. Parrots in particular have always fascinated me.

When I started bird photography, I was immediately drawn to images with smooth out of focus backgrounds and beautiful perches. Since then I have spent countless hours learning how to take such images and how to attract birds to my perches. Many years later, this style has become my trademark and I am working on perfecting it every day. It’s my attempt to blend art and simple photography.

After graduating from university with a Bachelor in Finance, I decided to go a completely different route and become a full time photographer. First I started out as a freelance real-estate photographer, quickly succeeding and eventually leading a team of 25 photographers. After years of working in this high intensity and time consuming job, I realised that my true passion, bird photography, had taken a backseat to my “day job” and that I needed to focus on what really matters in life. So I quit in 2017!

It’s been an exciting journey ever since. I have not regretted my decision for one second and enjoy focusing on what I love. I still shoot some high-end property, but most of my time is spent creating new images, working on new projects and engaging with all of you on Instagram.

I have long been wanting to inspire other photographers to take their bird photography and creativity to the next level and to give an exclusive look into what I do. So, in 2018 I started filming my video series Perched that will give everyone a never before seen insight into bird photography.