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Aviscapes, Perched & More
  • Posted:
    December 26, 2018

I’m excited to welcome you to my brand new website.

I felt like it was the right time to venture into a new direction and start sharing more of my knowledge about bird photography with you.

The name Aviscapes is inspired by my approach to bird photography. Aiming to compliment the birds in each photo with a beautiful perch from their environment and a defocused background. Creating art through photographs.

I hope you enjoy the new design of my website. I will be adding hundreds of additional images over time and will use this blog, to give you great insights in what I do and aim to help everyone of you to explore new ways in your own photography. Please feel free to contact me whenever you have questions. I hope you will enjoy my blog posts, photos and video series. To see my favourite images, check out featured collections and this page for a full taxonomic list.

You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook.

I’m most excited about my brand new bird photography video series Perched. I had this idea for a while and whenever I got asked by people how I get my images, it encouraged me to create something that is entertaining and yet educational. Unlike a conventional tutorial, where people talk for hours, my series is focused on action and showing you the exact moments I capture my images, like you were standing right next to me! So we ventured out to create something unique – and Perched was born.

Check out this blog post for the whole story and a look behind the scenes of episode 1.